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剪書 (J) 

2022年6月8日(水)~6月25日(土)水~土|開廊/日・月・火 休廊|営業時間12:00~18:00
日本には古くから書道という文字を描く作法があり、時代によって嗜みにも芸術にも実用にも使われてきました。日本だけでなく、世界中にカリグラフィーというアートは存在します。文字はそれ自身が持つ意味とその形が一体となって表現される、力強い芸術です。  今回は切り抜いた文字が画面に入っていることだけを条件にしました。たった1文字でも、短い標語でも、ちょっとした物語でも、文字を入れた作品ならばどんなものでも今回のテーマの範疇に入っています。  

“Sensho - Cut Out Calligraphy”(E)

Sensho - Cut Out Calligraphy
Exhibition Date: Wednesday Jun 8rd ~ Saturday Jun 25th, 2022
Gallery Hours: Wed~Sat, 12PM~6PM Closed Sun~Tue

The word Sensho, meaning “to cut letter,” refers to senga created with cut-out letters. At Senga Art & Space, we’ve featured several sensho in the past but for this exhibition, we asked artists to create senga inspired by the word “letter.”
Japanese have been practicing the way, or the manner, of writing called shodo since ancient times. It has since inspired artists and delighted art collectors and hobbyists alike. Over time, it has also come to have many practical applications.
The artform called calligraphy can be found not only in Japan but throughout the world. It is a powerful form of art created by combining the meaning of a letter and its form.
In this exhibition, participating artists were asked to create sensho featuring cut-out letters. Whether it’s a message, a story or even just one letter, any artwork with at least one cut-out letter is included in this exhibition. Creating senga with letters being the main theme/motif brought a great deal of personality and individuality out of each artist.
The main focus here is not the artists’ handwriting dexterity or technical prowess. Rather, it’s the individual uniqueness found in their art.
Hope you will enjoy the show.
“Sensho - Cut Out Calligraphy”