Senga Art & Space

2021年11月17日(水)~12月11日(土)水~土|開廊/日・月・火 休廊|営業時間12:00~18:00

「干支2022寅+縁起物+クリスマス 」展

Exhibition Date: Wednesday November 17th ~ Saturday December 11th, 2021
Gallery Hours: Wed~Sat, 12PM~6PM Closed Sun~Tue

 With the corona pandemic showing the signs of gradual decline, we are at last able to set our sights on the future again. With that in mind, I am particularly pleased to present this year’s annual Zodiac-themed new year’s exhibition at Senga Art & Space.

Of all Zodiac signs, the tiger is the one that symbolizes the power and strength. It is the most fitting Zodiac sign on which to put our collective wish for a stable, prosperous future. Feisty, fearsome, cute and beautiful… Every tiger in the exhibition embodies each artist’s hopeful expectations for the brighter future. As with last year, we’ve added “Lucky Charms” and “Christmas”  as the theme.

It maybe still too early to host events that attract a large crowd. With that said, I am certain that smaller events and public gatherings that are beginning to reappear would energize our spirits and help us move on towards tomorrow and beyond.

Let us all cherish what we’ve come to acquire by experiencing the pandemic - the mental fortitude and an ability to see deeper inner-self – and welcome a very happy new year.

  “The Zodiac 2022: Tiger, Lucky Charms and Christmas”


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