Senga Art & Space

2021年8月25日(水)~9月11日(土)水~土|開廊/日・月・火 休廊|営業時間12:00~18:00


Exhibition Date: Wednesday August 25th ~ Saturday September 11th,2021 Gallery Hours: Wed~Sat, 12PM~6PM Closed Sun~Tue
I realize many artists had a hard time visualizing this month’s theme, “Stripes.” They said, “It’s easy to think of zebras, striped T-shirts, crosswalks, etc. but turning them into art is not.” Perhaps because stripes are so prevalent in our daily life, it’s difficult to stretch one’s imagination a step deeper to reinvent them artistically

Stripes in animals are believed to emit a sense of tension, which in turn provides striped animals a protection against their enemies in wild. Stripes in fashion makes the clothing look sharper. Striped patterns are used often in designs to attract attention as seen in traffic signs and flags.

I hope you will find it interesting to see how each artist interpreted stripes as the creative motif.

Thank you very much for coming to the exhibition.



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