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干支2024辰+縁起物+クリスマス (J) 



2023年11月15日(水)~12月9日(土)水~土|開廊/日・月・火 休廊|営業時間12:00~18:00
「干支2024辰+縁起物+クリスマス 」展

“The Zodiac Sign 2024 “Dragon” + Good Luck Charms + Christmas”(E)

The Zodiac 2023 :  Rabbit, Lucky Charms and Christmas”

“Brown is the Color of Autumn”

Exhibition Date: Wednesday November 15th ~ December 9th, 2023
Gallery Hours: Wed~Sat, 12PM~6PM Closed Sun~Tue

Dragon, the zodiac sign of 2024, is the only fictional creature out of 12 zodiac animals.
There is a big difference in how dragons are perceived in the West and the East. In the West, they are typically portrayed as villainous nuisances that bring misery to people’s lives or kidnap a beautiful princess in fairy tales. They have the body of a dinosaur but with wings on their back, and even breathe fire. On the other hand, dragons in the East, often deified, can make it rain or save villages. They are long and slender like snakes and often holding a spherical gem in their claws. All these dragons, each with own unique personality, remain popular today as manga and anime characters.
For this exhibition, artists were asked to create zodiac-themed senga with dragon - strong, majestic and the owner of supernatural power - as a creative motif. We hope you will enjoy each artist’s interpretation of this popular mythical creature along with the Lucky Charms and Christmas-themed senga works.
The Zodiac Sign 2024 “Dragon” + Good Luck Charms + Christmas

「洗足山の鬼伝説」剪画作品:神田 いずみ ・日野 晴美・まるぽ・小野寺 マヤノ/物語構成:小野寺マヤノ/語り:米丸 歩/音楽:「Heian」「神様のお迎え」「刹那の夜」ユーキヒロセyoutube@original_bgm/「Taiko Warrior」「茜色の空」ニコニコモンズ(niconicommons)「Confrontation』/Flute Ninja/笛忍者youtube/@fluteninja9097fluteninjaofficial協力:鳥取市立大村地区公民館・とっとりリーダーアカデミー/映像:まるぽ/剪画アート&スペースSenga Art & Space