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人体 (J) 


「人体 」展

2023年8月30日(水)~9月16日(土)水~土|開廊/日・月・火 休廊|営業時間12:00~18:00

“Human Body”(E)

The Zodiac 2023 :  Rabbit, Lucky Charms and Christmas”

“Human Body”

Exhibition Date: Wednesday August 30th ~ September 16th, 2023
Gallery Hours: Wed~Sat, 12PM~6PM Closed Sun~Tue

The theme for the latest Senga Art & Space Gallery exhibition, entitled “Human Body,” is a little different from our usual exhibition themes as it has more practical – physical – and even earthy significances. Yet when you think of the human body, with all its movements and what they mean, you’d realize that it is a theme that offers a wide range of creative possibilities for the artists.
When you see the artworks in this exhibition in the light of athletic and dance activities that involve physical movements, hand-feet motions and their meanings, the roles of brain and internal organs, the true nature of humans as a whole that is often overlooked in our daily life may become exposed.
Though we live in one ourselves, there still remains much mystery regarding the human body and its detailed functions. This exhibition was designed with my desire to let artists to re-examine this enigma called human body and reinvent it. It’s a theme with a multitude of possibilities to dig deeper artistically.
We are excited to bring you the first installment of Human Body exhibitions.
Please enjoy the show.
Human Body

「洗足山の鬼伝説」剪画作品:神田 いずみ ・日野 晴美・まるぽ・小野寺 マヤノ/物語構成:小野寺マヤノ/語り:米丸 歩/音楽:「Heian」「神様のお迎え」「刹那の夜」ユーキヒロセyoutube@original_bgm/「Taiko Warrior」「茜色の空」ニコニコモンズ(niconicommons)「Confrontation』/Flute Ninja/笛忍者youtube/@fluteninja9097fluteninjaofficial協力:鳥取市立大村地区公民館・とっとりリーダーアカデミー/映像:まるぽ/剪画アート&スペースSenga Art & Space