Senga Art & Space

干支2023卯+縁起物+クリスマス (J) 

2022年11月16日(水)~12月3日(土)水~土|開廊/日・月・火 休廊|営業時間12:00~18:00

“The Zodiac 2023 :
Rabbit, Lucky Charms and Christmas””(E)

The Zodiac 2023 :  Rabbit, Lucky Charms and Christmas”
Exhibition Date: Wednesday November 16th ~ Saturday December 3rd, 2022
Gallery Hours: Wed~Sat, 12PM~6PM Closed Sun~Tue

The creative theme for this exhibition, My Way, can be interpreted differently. Some may associate it with a school route from years past. Others may be reminded of a footpath surrounded by blooming flowers back home or may picture a beautiful street in a foreign land they once visited.
Still others may lean towards more abstract, notional interpretations. Life passages, the way of thinking, a path to mastering traditional Japanese art such as Shodo (the way of writing: calligraphy), Kado (the way of flowers: flower arrangement) and Judo (the gentle way: judo), etc.
Featured in this exhibition is a collection of senga that reveal each artist’s idea of road, real or abstract. With that said, many artworks we received feature an actual road as the main artistic motif. Each and every image you see in this exhibition is the realization of the “personal road” nestled within its creator.
We’d like to express our sincere gratitude to Mr. Akutsu who kindly allowed us to use her music, and Marupo-san for her video shooting, production and editing expertise. Without their cooperation, this exhibition wouldn’t have happened. I hope you will enjoy senga as not merely another form of traditional art but as motion imageries that help to expand your imagination.
Has seeing all the “roads” in this exhibition brought you back any memories? What kind of “road” are you picturing? I hope all your roads will remain in your hearts and continue on forever.
Thank you.
“The Zodiac 2023 :
Rabbit, Lucky Charms and Christmas””


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